NDSS provide Location Services to the TV and Film industries.

We provide more than just a security service; we go the extra mile to provide our clients with as much assistance as possible. From dealing with problems associated with location work, to organising site parking. NDSS encourage all members of staff to become active members of the crew, assisting in any way they can. All NDSS staff are experienced, polite and are familiar when dealing with the general public.

As an experienced service provider, we understand how staff requirements can change, often at the very last minute. For this reason, NDSS have a number of security staff and general site staff available on-call, should they be requested by the client. Working relationships are a key part of our business, providing our clients with a personal level of service. To ensure we are here when you need us, each client is presented with a telephone number to our main office which is manned 24 hours a day. In addition, contact details and mobile numbers will be provided for all key staff on-site. Our aim is simple, to provide a quality service, with quality staff, at incredible rates. Please read through our list of Location Services listed below. To contact us, please call 029 2046 1121 or complete our quick enquiry form.


Location Security comes in many different roles, these can range from: Perimeter, Set Builds, Set & Equipment Security, Audience Monitoring and Security, Sensitive & Restricted Areas, Close Protection and Escorting.Our Management Team have over 15 years’ experience of front line security work, all being gained in the Entertainment and Leisure Industry.  Our security staff have all passed the statutory requirements set out by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and hold a valid Security Licence. In addition, staff are encouraged to attend further courses to extend their knowledge and awareness of key areas that are associated with this industry. If required, we can provide different types of uniform. Our clients can choose between casual polo shirts or shirt and tie.

Set Builds

We can arrive at the chosen set prior to the Production Crew’s arrival and secure the area. We can clean the site and on instruction from the Production Manager, ensure the location of marquees, position external tower lighting and make sure things go where they should. We will monitor all generators for fuel levels and maintain a clean environment in and around any marquees, cabins and trailers and provide security to these installs and the perimeter.

Unit Base

NDSS understands the importance of an efficient build and break of unit base, as well as ensuring its security during the shoot. We have a dedicated team of staff who work primarily with unit base, with consistent staffing from before the first truck arrives to when the last truck leaves.

Crowd Control

Human beings are generally curious when they see a TV or film camera. Providing these people with information allows for a better working relationship and respect. Informing them of when to be quiet and when not take photos assists with keeping filming on schedule. Moving people on mass and erecting barrier systems is an integral part of managing a crowd safely. Our Managing Director is one of the few people to complete a 3 year honours degree in Crowd Safety Management and has lectured on this subject on numerous occasions. Managing people and controlling crowds is another area NDSS have a vast amount of experience.

Vehicle Site Preparation

In addition to parking any vehicles in accordance to the Location Manager's instructions, we can cone off restricted areas and secure the vehicles while on-set. All NDSS staff working with moving vehicles can be identified by wearing our high visibility tabards and displaying their work licenses.

Road Restrictions

Coning an area for production vehicles prior to their arrival is of paramount importance. We can work with Location Managers to ensure the right paperwork and documents are provided to ensure acceptance of any specific conditions. Our staff will cone off the designated areas and will communicate with local residents and businesses to locate and remove vehicles out of the designated areas.

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